21st century consumers want systems that enable them
to be continuously productive regardless of location.

- P. Tambama -

Where Technology meets Power

Technical Aggregation Services

Aura Power is a technical aggregation services company, specializing in the distribution and retail of virtual prepaid products. The company has partnered leading global solution providers, thereby ensuring state of the art technology for transaction processing and settlement. The end result is customers having the convenience of accessing prepaid products and services anytime, anywhere and every day. We achieve this through our multifaceted delivery channels countrywide that include point of sale (POS), ATMs, banking channels, mobile networks, e-commerce and physical scratch cards.

Service Delivery Channels

Aura Power enables virtual services providers to deploy vending points throughout wide spread geographical locations using six (6) distinct vending channels to provide convenience to the customers, and these include:

  • Mobile Money Wallet
  • POS Vending Terminal
  • Scratch Cards
  • Vending Machine
  • Banking Channels
  • ATM & Internet Banking
  • Internet Vending
  • Website & Mobile Applications

These channels are enabled on a 24x7x365 basis. This will ensure that service providers improve revenue collection while providing every citizen the opportunity to buy virtual prepaid products in the comfort of their local community with no need to travel far.

Infrastructure and Systems

This is a proven structure that enhances and simplifies purchases and payments of prepaid products to the general public. Aura Power's proposition effectively addresses the needs of utilities and provide a solution that far exceeds the minimum expectations. We further understand working with existing infrastructure and systems in place and the requirement to integrate with them.