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What we stand for

Aura Group is focused on technology and business services. Fearless in our approach and steadfast in our determination, we are well positioned to defend the interests of those companies which place their faith in our abilities.

Aura Technologies

Aura Technologies is a leading provider of solutions and services in the realm of finance, security, e-commerce, m-commerce and public sector solutions.

Aura Projects

Aura Projects facilitates the delivery of large national projects for international companies through co-ordinating bi-lateral and multi-lateral activities in the project implementation lifecycle.

Aura Power

Aura Power is a technical aggregation services company, specializing in the distribution and retail of virtual prepaid products.

Aura Services

Aura Services provides business development services for local and international companies that seek to extend their footprint in Southern Africa.

Aura Energy

Aura Energy is a pioneer in facilitating the establishment of power stations in Africa based on the need of more consistent electricity for better economic growth.

Aura Group

Aura Group is focused on technology and business services. As organizations look to improve their performance, they want service providers that follow proven approaches to solve immediate business challenges and help define and deliver next-generation innovations.

Aura Group’s industrialized global delivery capabilities provide clients with the right people, skills and industry expertise to deliver management consulting, technology and business process outsourcing services with greater reliability, quality and productivity.

We strive to be a dynamic and innovative company that is committed to pursuit of excellence and enriching our stakeholders.

M.D, Samuelle Dimairho